Secret Grove Logo


As artists, this space was created with performance in mind. Each detail of our bar, stage, lounge, seating, decor, and staffing have been carefully curated to reflect our ideal environment to enjoy music socially.

Our perspective is that we can all work together to create a better music industry for our artists, friends, and community. We strive to make the world a better place through dance, connection, and sound. We won’t always get it right - but we hope you come on this journey of trying. We hope to see you here sometime - at the Secret Grove.

We ask kindly for you to consider our expectations:

  • Respect the space we have created.
  • Respect our staff. They are our family and the core of our community!
  • Respect our artists. No requests for music.
  • Respect each other. Yes means Yes. Always ask before any physical interaction and be entirely clear that you have received a definitive "yes" before any intimate connection. Consent is simple. Through safety, we can build a sexier world.
  • Stay out of staff/artist only areas (including our stage).
  • Participate in how you feel comfortable. The world is full of many different weird and wonderful people. Join us in expressing that in any way you feel fits your soul. All we ask is that it is never at anyone else's expense.
  • Be you. Unapologetically. Secret Grove is dedicated to an environment void of judgment, fear, racism, sexism, bigotry, and all other forms of discrimination.
  • Dress code: Use your best judgment. This is a cocktail lounge & music venue. Fashionable evening or street clothing is encouraged with the exception of basketball shorts, dirty clothing, or a disheveled look. Explore expression but please refrain from festival clothing like onesies, animal suits, or obstructing props. We ask humbly that good hygiene be observed by all customers.